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Clean Up Duty

In this eight week long project with Groutastic, I worked as the lead designer and primary contact to redesign their website and quote request flow. Upon approval of final designs, I developed a responsive website in a user friendly platform so the client could continue updates on their own.

Web Design

Web development

The original Contact page design
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Behind the Scenes

In the initial design, I listed the services on a contact form. However, we discovered later on that the quote request system (QRS) needed a MAJOR overhaul.

The client was overwhelmed by quotes requests funneling in through different platforms such as email, phone, and text, and they were missing out on potential leads. Additionally, many of the quote requests lacked the necessary information to give a quote, so they were spending precious time following up with leads.

After researching different platform capabilities and holding informational calls with the client, I designed the new Quote Request System seen on their live site. They can now easily access form data all in one central hub!

They’ll never miss out on a potential customer again thanks to the new QRS. 


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