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Two people looking at a desktop of Brizo's Landing page.

In this design project with Brizo Food Metrics, I designed the primary home page concept used on the final site.

I presented 3 drastically different concepts, and after little deliberation, they selected the winner! This design was the most playful and they leaned into the concept for the subsequent branding.

Additionally, I created a beautifully designed one-pager that they can send to anyone hoping to get a quick glimpse about their brand.


An invitation for an event that GMAG is holding floats in the middle of the screen

In these projects with GMAG, I designed various print materials spanning from folder designs, invitations, and stickers.

The invitations were to be colorful, vibrant, and inviting. They were indicative of the event location and exploring a new, refreshed brand identity.


Curbit business card rests on open laptop

In this project with Curbit, I designed brand new business cards to match their new branding. Upon approval of final designs, I sent to print and they received the cards with outstanding results.